[NTG-context] endlinechar redefinition

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sat Jun 2 22:58:27 CEST 2007

Vit Zyka wrote:
> Hi Hans,
> Jaroslav Hajtnar (in czech TeX list) encountered the problem with 
> \input primitive redefinition. He uses a macro package for comma 
> separated value file (CSV) inclusion. It redefines some catcodes and 
> \endlinechar before start reading such file by \input. The problem is 
> that during reading CSV the reading is interrupted by reading another 
> file like
> \readfilename ->pdfr-ec
> (c:/TeXLive2005/texmf-context-a/tex/context/base/pdfr-ec.tex
> ConTeXt macro \input takes care about catcodes but not about 
> \endlinechar so in this situation the file pdfr-ec is read with wrong 
> \endlinechar which causes error.
> We believe that system solution is the ConTeXt takes care about 
> \endlinechar when automatically starts reading some standard files. 
> Please Hans can you look at it?
works ok here; i remember an issue but that was solved already (afaik); 
tex live 2005 is not that up to date -)

a workaroun din an old version is to load pdfr-ec manually, so that it's 
read already when the cvs code shows up

in scancvs ... beware of redefining such core macros

in the latest version there are things like \pushcatcodes ... 
\popcatcodes and catcode tables (a simulation of the native luatex 
catcode table features);

fyi:  in luatex (and therefore context mkiv) doing things with data 
files will be easier

can you test with a recent context?

(there is a cvs module btw)


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