[NTG-context] TOC, listalternative d, ragged right, interaction

Daniel Schömer daniel.schoemer at gmx.net
Mon May 28 11:30:19 CEST 2007


I'm trying to alter the formatting of the table of contents for
a document of chapters and sections.

After searching the ConTeXt manuals, source and the list archive,
I've only four more things I'd like to change.  This is where
I ask for your help.

My current setup (for the table of contents):

| \setupinteraction [state=start]
| \setuplistalternative [a] [command=\hskip.8em]
| \setupcombinedlist [content] [alternative=a, interaction=all,
|                               level=section, partnumber=no]
| \setuplist [chapter] [after=\blank, before=\blank,
|                       numberstyle=\tfd, pagestyle=italic, style=\tfa,
|                       width=1.75em]
| \setuplist [section] [alternative=d, headnumber=no,
|                       interaction=pagenumber, margin=1.75em,
|                       pagestyle=italic]

This produces a table of contents like that:

| 1  Chapter One 1
|    Section A  1   Section B  2   Section C  3   Sec-
|    tion D  5   Section E  12

Here are my questions: (2 to 4 are of lower priority for me)

1. How can I setup the toc to get the sections (or
   listalternative d) to be set ragged right?

2. Is it possible to insert text between the section-pagenumber
   and the following section-text?
   (Section A  1 -- Section B  2 -- Section C  3)
                 ^^              ^^

3. I can't alter the distance between section-text and
   pagenumber.  Changing the command option for listalternative
   a does it for chapters.  But this doesn't work for
   listalternative d.

4. Can I get interaction=all for listalternative d?.  Only
   interaction=pagenumber produces interaction.  If I set
   interaction to all or text, I don't get interaction for the

I'm using ConTeXt 2007.04.17 with pdfTeXk 3.141592-1.40.3 from
TeXlive 2007 on Gentoo/Linux.

Some kind of a minimal example is attached.

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