[NTG-context] definetypeface confusion

Patrick Gundlach patrick at gundla.ch
Wed Apr 25 15:15:18 CEST 2007

Hello Thomas,


> Try:
> \definetypeface [chaparral]  [ss][sans]  [myriad]   [default]
> [encoding=texnansi]

great! This works. Thanks (also to Wolfgang). Now another question:
I'd like to set the interlinespace for \rm only. 

My attempt:

\definebodyfontenvironment [chaparral][14pt][interlinespace=20pt]

changes the interlinespace for all fonts and 

\definebodyfontenvironment [Serif][14pt][interlinespace=20pt]

does 'nothing' (no changed interlinespace at all)

This is my setup:
\definetypeface [foo]   [rm][serif] [chaparral][default][encoding=texnansi]
\definetypeface [foo]   [ss][sans]  [myriad][default][encoding=texnansi]
\definetypeface [foo]   [tt][mono]  [modern][computer-modern] [encoding=texnansi]

\definebodyfontenvironment [foo][14pt][interlinespace=20pt]

Any idea how to setup interlinespace for rm, ss and tt differently?

My application: I have normal text (\rm) and some code samples and I'd
like to have fewer interlinespace in the code samples. Of course I
could put some code in the setup for the code samples
(\setupinterlinespace[line=xxxpt]??) and this would be the fallback
solution. Thinking of it, this might even be the best solution...


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