[NTG-context] xetext-pdftex differences

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Apr 11 19:22:39 CEST 2007

Mojca Miklavec wrote:
> LuaTeX will probably support those old encodings, but you would want
> to use "uc" (unicode) encoding for both engines, otherwise it makes no
> sense to use XeTeX instead of pdfTeX at all.
luatex itself has still the pdftex machinery around, so you can use map 
files to handle things when you use for instance type one fonts.

ttf and otf are supported as wide fonts, but of course one needs to make 
sure that the unicode to glyph mapping is ok

in context mkiv i will intercept the encoding-prefixed fonts 
(texnansi-mojca-regular) so this is transparent for users by using some 
lua glue code but mainly because i read afm files instead of tfm files 
(so, texnansi-mojca will in fact use mojca.afm); non prefixed names will 
use the tfm file (this is pretty safe because the texnansi-* names were 
only there when proper afm files are also there; i mainly provide this 
features for existing typescripts)

in general, encodings are not something to worry about

not even uc as encoding is needed in mkiv
> All of your questions mentioned here belong to the ConTeXt mailing
> list (XeTeX mailing list is mostly for XeLaTeX and low-level XeTeX
> discussions) since it's really about the ConTeXt user-interface. The
> only thing you could ask for on the XeTeX list is the question of
> supporting ec/texnansi-encoded fonts (I prefer to wait for luaTeX than
> to bother about those "soon-to-become-obsolete" additions).
indeed, there is no need to mess up xetex with obsolete encoding stuff; 
luatex will still have much pdftex code around so there the penalty is 
less, but eventually users have to move on


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