[NTG-context] Microsoft Word -> Context

Ricard Roca ricardroca at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 00:35:15 CEST 2007


There are many Word to LaTeX converters, but no Word to ConTeXt 
converters. Some LaTeX converters, however, are highly configurable, and 
you can teach them to write {\em instead of \emph{, or \startitemize 
instead of \begin{itemize}, and so.

If you use a MS operating system, with Word-to-LaTeX (only for Windows) 
you can get a very clean output file with a format that is almost pure 
ConTeXt, only changing the configuration file of the application. You 
can download the program from http://kebrt.webz.cz/programs/word-to-latex/

The mail server does not accept attached my config file. I'll put it in 
the garden in a new page. It's not a definitive solution, however. You 
can play with the multiple options.



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