[NTG-context] TextMate bundle

Steffen Wolfrum context at st.estfiles.de
Tue Mar 27 15:30:15 CEST 2007

Hi Patrick,

very nice, thank you! Just some questions that came to my head:

1) The snipped feature uses the tab key for triggering *further* information, right?

(If I remember correctly) I knew a similar feature (was it in AlphaX/Tk?) where the tab helped me to *complete* the command.
For example: \cha + tab gave \chapter
or when not clear like: \sub + tab gave a range with all commands starting with \sub... to choose.

In textmate triggering the snipped with tab just works when typed the entire \chapter, right? 
There is no-one helping me typing when I get lazy?

2) You assigned F9 to texexec and so on.
When, for some rare reason, I need to change the texexec a bit (with additional options or such), where to do so?

3) Probably a similar (stupid) question:
You wrote "the variable PDF_VIEWER, the default is 'Preview'. You can try anything that you can use as an argument for 'open'..."
Well, where do I find this in order to have a try?


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