[NTG-context] Line spacing in footnotes

Aditya Mahajan adityam at umich.edu
Wed Mar 14 03:03:02 CET 2007

On Tue, 13 Mar 2007, Oliver Buerschaper wrote:

>>> is there a way to influence the linespacing of the footnote block?
>>> I'd like to typeset it in 9pt/11pt while the main text is set to
>>> 12pt/
>>> 14.5pt (using an OpenType font) ... Any help highly appreciated!
>> If you just want a smaller font size
>> \setupnotedefinition
>>    [footnote]
>>    [style=small]
>> or if you also want to set interline space
>> \setupnotedefinition
>>    [footnote]
>>    [before={\switchtobodyfont[9pt]\setupinterlinespace},
>>     after{\endgraf}]
>> You can also pass parameters to \setupinterlinespace to get the
>> precise spacing that you want.
> Thanks for your quick reply, Aditya. I'm afraid this doesn't quite
> work as expected ... the line spacing isn't changed at all here :-
> ( This is my setup:
> \setupnote
> 	[footnote]
> 	[before=, % remove blank line before
> %	 bodyfont=9pt,
> 	 command=, % this disables the superscript
> 	 n=0] % footnote block as a single paragraph
> \setupnotedefinition
> 	[footnote]
> 	[location=serried,
> 	 before={\switchtobodyfont[9pt]\setupinterlinespace[line=11pt]},
> 	 after={\endgraf},
> 	 distance=1ex,
> 	 headstyle=\ss\bf]

If the only place you use 9pt font is footnotes then something like 
this should also work


Since you use n=0, you can also do

          command=, % this disables the superscript
          n=0] % footnote block as a single paragraph


> Also I'm somewhat puzzled ... why put these before and after commands
> in \setupnotedefinition rather than \setupnote?

Since you are working with line=11pt it does not make a difference. 
I was thinking of line=1.2ex (or something) where it matters what is 
the current font size.

If n=0 is not set, and you use absolute font sizes, it will work in 
both cases.

With n=0, things are a bit different. n=0 uses \starttextnotes instead 
of \setcolumnnotes and both work differently. So, with n=0, you need 
it in setupnotes.

> As far as I can tell
> \setupnote already has a bodyfont option (but none for the line
> spacing)

It is not too hard to add. For fun, try


with default settings. (this of course is not a good idea, especially 
in this case, when there are other workarounds)

> ... also I always thought that \setupnotedefinition refers
> to a description and controls the way a single footnote is typeset
> while \setupnote is supposed to influence the whole block

Yes. What I reasoned was that interline space should be set for each 

> ... On top of that does the \endgraf command conflict with the n=0 
> option in \setupnote?

Forget about what I said earlier. n=0 uses a different setup 

Hans, does it make sense to interface interlinespace in footnotes? Or 
add a \everyfootnotebodyfontswitch token?


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