[NTG-context] Some questions about context

Oliver Buerschaper oliver.buerschaper at mpq.mpg.de
Tue Mar 6 23:07:04 CET 2007

>> For your headers try this:
>> ---
>> \setupheader
>> 	[text]
>> 	[after=\hrule]
>> \starttext
>> \input tufte
>> \stoptext
>> ---
>> You can change the actual content of your headers via
>> \setupheadertexts ...
>> Instead of the \hrule command above you could also resort to
>> \thinrule. The global behaviour of \thinrule can then be customized
>> via \setupthinrules ... However, this comes at the cost of
>> introducing additional vertical space between your header text and
>> the rule. On the contrary \hrule sticks to the text. Choose whatever
>> suits you best.
>> (To the experts: is this \thinrule behaviour intended?)
> A better way is to use \setupbackgrounds. You can specify the exact
> region of the page that you want, and it accepts all the parameters of
> framed, so you can change the rule thickness, background, etc. And for
> a really fancy layout, you can use a metapost background.

I didn't think of that ... however, suppressing the header on certain  
pages via e.g.


doesn't turn off the header background :-(


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