[NTG-context] quotation

Jörg Hagmann joerg.hagmann at unibas.ch
Tue Mar 6 15:15:40 CET 2007


I need guillemots instead of lowerleftdouble- and  
upperrightdoublequotes in the German environment.
On my minimal installation (Linux) I managed to change that by  
editing the cont-sys.tex file in texmf-local/tex/context/user.

At work, on a Mac with gwTeX, nothing I tried had any effect:

editing the cont-sys.tex file (in texmf.pkgs/tex/context/user)
copying cont-sys.tex to texmf.texlive/tex/context/user
editing the lang-ger.tex files (in texmf.pkgs or texmf.texlive)

Thanks for the help, Jörg

PS 1: I didn't forget texhash
PS 2: It's the first time I have to use the German environment. Are  
lowerleftquotes and quotations really still used? To me they look  
strange -- at least in a scientific text. And my publisher doesn't  
want them either (ok, he is Swiss).

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