[NTG-context] printing problem

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Mar 6 14:00:32 CET 2007

Alan Bowen wrote:
> I have a 24 page PDF file produced using ConTeXt  ver: 2007.02.21  
> 11:55 MKII and the latest TeXShop. I can only print pp. 1-3 of this  
> file with TeXShop. Acrobat Pro, however, has no trouble printing the  
> entire file (mercifully�this paper is for a conference for which I  
> leave tomorrow) and TeXShop has no problem with my other files, some  
> of which are quite long.
> So I do I figure out what the problem is? It seems to be with the  
> file, but I have no idea what. The encoding is hardly weird or unusual.
> Though I can print the thing, the problem is still somewhat pressing.  
> I sent the file to two people who usually have no difficulty with my  
> PDFs. But this time one could not open the file�it was reported as  
> damaged.
hm, can you preflight the document? 

also, take the latest pdftex since there has been font bugs recently 


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