[NTG-context] Can not set body font

Paul Jones shagreel at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 19:58:52 CET 2007

What I changed did not actually fix the problem, it just moved the
problem somewhere else.

I have installed my own font (see mapfile below).  \showfont shows the
font information correctly.  The problem is that I can not set this
font to be the bodyfont at 12pt.  It works at any other size, just not
12pt.  If I change the \definebodyfont and \setupbodyfont below to use
14pt, or any other size, the body font changes.

At 12pt, \showbodyfont reports that the \tfa,\tfb,\tfc, and \tfd all
switch to the Bickham font, but nothing else does.

At 14pt, \showbodyfont reports that all font varients change except
\tfx and \tfxx.

It seems like either the body font is set earlier somewhere and I am
not allowed to change it, or my choices are being overwritten after I
make them.  Is there a setting somewhere that I can change to fix
this?  This is a brand new installation of texlive2007 on Linux (suse
and fedora both have this problem).

Here is my tex file
\definefontsynonym[BickhamBold]             [texnansi-pbib8a][encoding=texnansi]
\definefontsynonym[BickhamSlanted]        [texnansi-pbiri8a][encoding=texnansi]
\definefontsynonym[BickhamBoldSlanted] [texnansi-pbibi8a][encoding=texnansi]

\definebodyfont[12pt][rm][tf=Bickham sa 1,
                          bf=BickhamBold sa 1,
                          sl=BickhamSlanted sa 1,
                          it=BickhamSlanted sa 1,
                          sc=BickhamSmallCaps sa 1,
                          bs=BickhamBoldSlanted sa 1,
                          bi=BickhamBoldSlanted sa 1]

Hello in Bickham font.
{\bf Hello in BickhamBold font}
{\sl Hello in BickhamSlanted font}
{\sc Hello in BickhamSmallCaps font}
{\bs Hello in BickhamBoldSlanted font}

Here is my map file:

% This file is generated by the TeXFont Perl script.
% You need to add the following line to your file:
%   \pdfmapfile{+texnansi-familylearn-bickham.map}
% In ConTeXt you can best use:
%   \loadmapfile[texnansi-familylearn-bickham.map]

texnansi-raw-pbib8a BickhamScriptStd-Semibold 4 < pbib8a.pfb texnansi.enc
texnansi-raw-pbibi8a BickhamScriptStd-Semibold 4 < pbibi8a.pfb texnansi.enc
texnansi-raw-pbir8a BickhamScriptStd-Regular 4 < pbir8a.pfb texnansi.enc
texnansi-raw-pbiri8a BickhamScriptStd-Regular 4 < pbiri8a.pfb texnansi.enc
texnansi-raw-pbib8a-capitalized-800 BickhamScriptStd-Semibold 4 <
pbib8a.pfb texnansi.enc
texnansi-raw-pbibi8a-capitalized-800 BickhamScriptStd-Semibold 4 <
pbibi8a.pfb texnansi.enc
texnansi-raw-pbir8a-capitalized-800 BickhamScriptStd-Regular 4 <
pbir8a.pfb texnansi.enc
texnansi-raw-pbiri8a-capitalized-800 BickhamScriptStd-Regular 4 <
pbiri8a.pfb texnansi.enc
texnansi-raw-pbib8a-capitalized-1000 BickhamScriptStd-Semibold 4 <
pbib8a.pfb texnansi.enc
texnansi-raw-pbibi8a-capitalized-1000 BickhamScriptStd-Semibold 4 <
pbibi8a.pfb texnansi.enc
texnansi-raw-pbir8a-capitalized-1000 BickhamScriptStd-Regular 4 <
pbir8a.pfb texnansi.enc
texnansi-raw-pbiri8a-capitalized-1000 BickhamScriptStd-Regular 4 <
pbiri8a.pfb texnansi.enc

Thanks for any help,

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