[NTG-context] Bibtex: empty reference and reference-title / -data

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Fri Mar 2 10:31:15 CET 2007

Henning Haeske wrote:
> Thanks Peter and Ralf,
> your were right... i misspelled volume. I changed that and the publicationlist 
> looks a little bit better. Sorry that I bothered you with that stupid 
> mistake. I also added a editior field. But the reference in the text is still 
> empty :-( How can I make this reference work?

The information for the citation is taken from the one-letter keys
in \startpublication. In your case, you need to add an 'a=' key
containing the author information you want to see referenced.

I take you are not using bibtex. It may help if you create a
dummy test file *with* bibtex, just to see what comes out of that.

> Also the publicationlist is in English:
> Stiftung Lesen, editor (2001). ... Number 3 in...
> but I need it in German - I thought \mainlanguage[de] is enough. What else I 
> have to add? 

The bibliographic style needs to be translated to german. For the
APA style, this is done already  (I  believe by Peter Münster, but
it is possible I remember wrong). You have to start with


to use that file (bibl-apa-de.tex). If you are unhappy with the output, 
you can (have to) copy bibl-apa-de.tex to some other name starting
with bibl- and edit that file.

> And last but not least: How can I make the \setupheadtext[pubs=NeuerTitel] 
> work with \chapter (appendix) behavior?

I wouldn't give this much thought. Just use


instead. That is all that \completepublications does, anyway.

Cheers, Taco

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