[NTG-context] (repost) How to put float caption header in margin?

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Feb 28 20:45:42 CET 2007

Robin Kirkham wrote:
> Hi all,
> I fear to re-post this request, but I've read (well, tried to read)  
> page-flt.tex and I still am not certain what to do (or what to  
> override) to do this. The <command> key of \setupcaptions is not  
> useful, as it seems to pass the entire caption (including the header  
> part) as a single argument:
> How can I put the header part only of a float caption (i.e., the  
> "Figure 6" bit) in the left margin (so as to match \setupheads 
> [alternative=inmargin]), but leaving the caption text part in the  
> normal place?
this is not a standard feature; if you want that you need to implement it (there are caption locators); i'm a bit low on time currently otherwise i could make something 


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