[NTG-context] Gap above \placefigure[top] ?

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Mon Feb 12 09:39:07 CET 2007

Hi Steffen,

Steffen Wolfrum wrote:
> Hi,
> sorry, the next looks so simple, it's probably an often answered thing 
> (I just could not find the answer anywhere…)
> Why is there a little gap above the figure, though it should be "top".
> How to avoid it?
> \starttext 
> \showframe
> \placefigure[top]{}{\externalfigure[../Figures/Test][frame=off]} 
> \stoptext 

The gap is the difference between the height of a typical line
(\blank) and TeX's \topskip parameter. That explains it, but
I do not see a nice way to correct the behaviour.

Best, Taco

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