[NTG-context] regression testing: tests that don't compile

Sanjoy Mahajan sanjoy at mrao.cam.ac.uk
Mon Feb 5 06:56:20 CET 2007

Here are the names of the test files that didn't build with the
2007.01.23 ConTeXt:

ERROR [exit code 1] tex/context/base/core-mat.tex/test-001.tex
ERROR [exit code 1] tex/context/base/unic-031.tex/test-001.tex
ERROR [exit code 5] metapost/context/base/mp-text.mp/test-001.tex
ERROR [exit code 5] tex/context/base/s-chi-00.tex/test-001.tex
ERROR [exit code 5] tex/context/base/s-jap-00.tex/test-001.tex
ERROR [exit code 5] tex/context/base/unic-003.tex/test-001.tex
ERROR [exit code 5] tex/context/base/unic-037.tex/test-001.tex
ERROR [exit code 6] tex/context/base/unic-002.tex/test-001.tex

exit code 1 is texexec's normal failure code, usually from an undefined
cseq.  Exit code 5 is from the run-it.py wrapper, which is saying that
time (60 sec) ran out, before the texexec process had to be killed.  And
exit code 6 says that the logfile grew too big (currently, beyond 1MB)
before the texexec process had to be killed.

If you don't find problems in the above files, let me know and I'll send
you the logs or pieces thereof.


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