[NTG-context] XeTeX and OpenType LM

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Jan 31 20:12:59 CET 2007

Jonathan Kew wrote:
> Font names and font filenames are quite different, in many cases, and  
> it didn't seem wise to mix them up and allow the exact same form of  
> the \font declaration to access either one. This could lead to  
> ambiguity and confusion in the case where a filename does happen to  
> be the same as a font name.
> As for why square brackets.... why not? :) We just needed a way to  
> distinguish filenames from font names, and this seemed a reasonably  
> safe choice -- unlikely to be present in a real font name, and not  
> usually given special treatment in TeX.
hm, but square brackets can interfere with optional args where [] don't 
nest well (tex does not treat them as delimiters as it does {}

using {} would probably have been safer or maybe () (round ones) since 
afaik these are seldom used for delimiting args; or maybe just


anyhow, if it's filename stuff i can probably just feed the [] deep down 
in context to the xetex font command

will think of something

please forward to jonathan since his mailer an dmy mail server don;t 
like each other -)



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