[NTG-context] Para and Section marks oversize in 2007-01-23

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Thu Jan 25 08:32:32 CET 2007

Mike Bird wrote:
> \starttext
> \P ~I Have to go back to version 2007-01-12 because\crlf
> \P ~these enormous paragraph and section marks make\crlf
> \S ~context 2007-01-23 useless for me.  Where they\crlf
> \S ~occur together (e.g. TOC) they look like some\crlf
> \S ~kind of decoration and are unrecognisable.
> \stoptext
> context_2007.01.23-1_all.deb
> lmodern_1.00-3_all.deb

Sounds like a font problem. Did pdftex create .pk files ?
I have the latin modern 1.01, and the symbols look normal,
just like their (not very pretty) computer modern parents.




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