[NTG-context] get XML data and put it in a table

Claudia Lanzl c.lanzl at web.de
Tue Jan 23 01:31:16 CET 2007

Hello again,

yet another problem....  :(

I have got the following table:
            \bTR \bTD {\ss Name }             \eTD \bTD    FAMILY NAME 
          \eTD \eTR
            \bTR \bTD {\ss Role}                \eTD \bTD    ROLE       
                    \eTD \eTR
            \bTR \bTD {\ss E-Mail}             \eTD \bTD    E-MAIL    
                    \eTD \eTR

and want the first coloumn to be always the same.
The 3 attributes of the second one (FAMILY NAME, ROLE, E-MAIL) should 
come from an XML-file.

So how do I get the attributs out of the file to the special position in 
the table?
I think this can not be difficult, but it didn´t want to work. Do I have 
to go step by step through my document, and ignore those tags I don´t 
want to get? I would like to say:

    \defineXMLargument[family] and save this result in a variable.

Hm, I simly don´t know... do I have to group it?

The XML-file looks s.th. similar to that:
<user status="published" type="author" 
            Reiner Ittinger
                ittinger at fha.de

Thank you for your help and comments,
tired Claudia

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