[NTG-context] Figures (images) at a special position

Claudia Lanzl c.lanzl at web.de
Mon Jan 22 11:00:21 CET 2007


I have a question on (absolute) positionning of figures/images.
I try to position my images in that way shown in the layout in this 
attachment (hope I can post images this way?).

I try to do it with the following lines:

\useexternalfigure[pic01][pic01]     \useexternalfigure[pic02][pic02]
       \startcombination[2*3] %\startcombination[2*2]
              %the following 3 lines don´t work!
       %probably I can not use \placeexternalfigure in the 
\startcombination !???



So if I position the images with {\externalfigure[pic0001.jpg]}{} and so 
on, I don´t get the layout I want to have.
I found floating objects, can I use these to position the pictures in 
the way I want to?


Thank you very much!
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