[NTG-context] placepublications in combination with ownnumber=yes

M.J. Kallen mj_kallen at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 17 15:38:16 CET 2007


thanks for the reply. I tried 'criterium=local' and it does not make a difference.


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M.J. Kallen wrote:
> Hi Taco and everyone else,
> working with \placepublications[criterium=cite] inside sections, I
> noticed that the behavior is not the same when using a section with
> ownnumber=yes. The local list of publications does not appear in the
> latter case. I've made a sample test.tex and test.bib file to
> demonstrate this. It seems like this is the same behaviour as trying
> to use \placepublications[criterium=cite] inside a \subject, i.e.
> nothing appears. Is this behavior as expected?

You can try you luck with \placepublications[criterium=local], see if
that does something, but the behaviour is actually "as expected", yes.

It is unlikely that I will ever truly fix this, because it wouls
require a rather large rewrite.

Best, Taco

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