[NTG-context] [Fwd: [pdftex] pdftex 1.40]

Sanjoy Mahajan sanjoy at mrao.cam.ac.uk
Wed Jan 3 08:26:05 CET 2007

>From the texexec man page:

    Typeset the document(s) as fast as possible without causing

    Perform a final run without skipping anything. This option is
    typically used with --fast.

So --fast --final could be the pair of switches to add.  But I tried
an experiment with mediocre results, using this test file:

====================== q.tex =================

\dorecurse{500}{\input tufte\par}

\dorecurse{400}{\input tufte\par}

\dorecurse{100}{\input tufte\par}


I ran it with the attached Makefile, which produced this output:

  ctxtools --purge --all > /dev/null
  rm -f q.pdf
  texexec --verbose --fast --final q.tex > run.log
  Total runs    : 4 (counted by grepping run.log for running: pdfetex)
  Draftmode runs: 3 (counted by grepping run.log for pdfdraftmode)
  TeXExec | runtime: 7.987485

Then I commented out the first line and reran it:

  ctxtools --purge --all > /dev/null
  rm -f q.pdf
  texexec --verbose --fast --final q.tex > run.log
  Total runs    : 4
  Draftmode runs: 0 (just to check)
  TeXExec | runtime: 8.307869

So the draftmode saves 4% in the runtime.  But the fastest is to not
use the draftmode and not use --final (which causes an extra run).
Maybe I missing a trick, but the draftmode didn't save much time.  I
guess I should make the test file read in a few huge images?


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.PHONY: runit clean

runit: clean
	texexec --verbose --fast --final q.tex > run.log
	@echo -n "Total runs    : " ; grep "running: pdfetex" run.log | wc -l
	@echo -n "Draftmode runs: " ; grep "pdfdraftmode enabled" run.log | wc -l
	@grep runtime: run.log

	ctxtools --purge --all > /dev/null
	rm -f q.pdf

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