[NTG-context] Where is ifforwardreference defined?

Mike Bird mgb-debian at yosemite.net
Sun Dec 31 10:24:50 CET 2006

\somewhere sometimes prints the wrong text.  To track down the
problem I tried to find the definition for \ifforwardreference.
I can see where \iffowardreference is declared to be a \newif but
I can't find where the algorithm is defined:

$ grep -r ifforwardreference .
./tex/context/base/core-ref.tex:  {\ifforwardreference#1\else#2\fi}
./tex/context/base/core-ref.tex:     {\ifforwardreference
./tex/context/base/core-ref.tex:        \ifforwardreference
Binary file ./web2c/pdfetex/cont-de.fmt matches
Binary file ./web2c/pdfetex/cont-en.fmt matches
Binary file ./web2c/pdfetex/cont-it.fmt matches

Does anyone know where \ifforwardreference is defined?


--Mike Bird

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