[NTG-context] store counter or variable and reread again

Thomas Engel thomas.engel1 at gmx.net
Sat Dec 30 16:51:09 CET 2006


i just playing a little bit with macros.
For adding points to a total sum i use this macros

\global\newcount\summeP \summeP=0
%   ad the points of each question
\def\getPunkte[#1]{\global\advance\summeP by \number#1}
%   show the points on the right side
\def\showP[#1]{\inright{\hskip 10mm \framed{#1} }}
%   handle the points
     \getPunkte[#1] }

this is working well but my problem is I want to use \summeP on the
first page to show the total amount of points for the whole exam.

I know that this needs a second run of texexec, but I don't know how to
store the value at the end of the file and reread this stored value in a
second run the get the right value.

Any hints are welcome!

Thanks and a Happy New Year!


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