[NTG-context] Manual (English) Update soon?

plink plink at veribox.net
Fri Dec 29 18:38:12 CET 2006

Mojca Miklavec wrote:
> Well, the ConTeXt manual is one of the most stable components of
> ConTeXt indeed ;)


should be wikified ...

>> (IIRC, Hans is also a core team member of LuaTeX, so perhaps I should
>> just suck it up with LaTeX until LuaTeX is viable?)
> No reason for, as Aditya already mentioned.

Except if you need some more processing of the TeX contents, like some 
people do :-(

In that case, since the mkiv stuff isn't available, currently you either 
have to switch to "plain" luatex or to use ConTeXt with pdftex and maybe 
weave another layer of ruby around the script onion that texexec had 
Both ways don't really come close to the zen of ConTeXt TeXnology, I 
would assume.

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