[NTG-context] Installing Cyrillic font

Vyatcheslav Yatskovsky yatskovsky at gmail.com
Fri Dec 29 00:16:28 CET 2006

Hello all,

Thanks to everybody, but I've already written the asked typescript for my installed Cyrillic font (NimbusRomanNo9L). 

Look at my script, if you interested in. 


\loadmapfile [t2a-urw-timescyr.map]

    \starttypescript [serif] [timescyr] [name]
      \definefontsynonym [Serif]           [NimbusNo9L-Roman]
      \definefontsynonym [SerifBold]       [NimbusNo9L-Bold]
      \definefontsynonym [SerifItalic]     [NimbusNo9L-Italic]
      \definefontsynonym [SerifBoldItalic] [NimbusNo9L-Bold-Italic]

    \starttypescript [serif] [timescyr] [t2a]
      \definefontsynonym [NimbusNo9L-Roman]       [t2a-n021003l]  [encoding=t2a]
      \definefontsynonym [NimbusNo9L-Bold]        [t2a-n021004l]  [encoding=t2a]
      \definefontsynonym [NimbusNo9L-Italic]      [t2a-n021023l] [encoding=t2a]
      \definefontsynonym [NimbusNo9L-Bold-Italic] [t2a-n021024l] [encoding=t2a]

\definetypeface [myTimesCyr] [rm] [serif] [timescyr] [default] [encoding=t2a]

Ukrainian works as good as Russian; font variants could be selected as well.

I haven't tested the script as a separate file yet. Suggestions are welcome!

Best regards,
 Vyatcheslav                          mailto:yatskovsky at gmail.com
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