[NTG-context] debian context updates

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Thu Dec 28 09:22:41 CET 2006

Hi all!

I have uploadedanother repetition, this time with new package splitting:
package context:
	all the normal stuff as before
package context-nonfree
	currently only the cowfonts
package context-doc-nonfree
	all the pdf documentation from below, plus style.pdf and
	details.pdf which Hans suggested.

So the context package has changed as it now suggests both
context-nonfree and context-doc-nonfree.

The tarball for context-nonfree has changed, as it only contains the

And context-doc-nonfree is new.

On Fre, 22 Dez 2006, Norbert Preining wrote:
> aleph.pdf      mfonts.pdf    mtexfont.pdf  show-dem.pdf  show-pap.pdf
> cont-eni.pdf   minstall.pdf  mtexutil.pdf  show-exa.pdf  show-pre.pdf
> cont-enp.pdf   mmakempy.pdf  mtexwork.pdf  showfont.pdf  showunic.pdf
> eppchtex.pdf   mp-cb-en.pdf  roadmap.pdf   show-gra.pdf  tiptrick.pdf
> example.pdf    mp-ch-en.pdf  setup-en.pdf  show-mag.pdf
> metafun-p.pdf  ms-cb-en.pdf  show-art.pdf  show-man.pdf
> metafun-s.pdf  mtexexec.pdf  showcase.pdf  show-not.pdf

I will upload the stuff to Debian now, as it seems pretty stable,and
etch is frozen anyway.

In the meantime, it is available at the usual place.

Best wishes


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