[NTG-context] Making a verbatim file for another language

Aditya Mahajan adityam at umich.edu
Wed Dec 27 22:41:03 CET 2006

On Tue, 26 Dec 2006, cormullion at mac.com wrote:

> After looking at these files a bit more closely, I decided I didn't 
> have a week to spare. Too much to learn and too few instructions. For 
> now I'm sticking with plain old black verbatim code listings. 
> Sometimes one has to set one's sights a little lower...! :-)

Is there vim syntax file for your language? Mojca and I are working on 
a module which uses VIM syntax highlighting to pretty print verbatim 
files. It is almost release quality right now. The following features 
are working.

You can define

\defineVIMtyping [MATLAB]  [syntax=matlab]

and then use


where the result is pretty printed.

A whole file can be printed using

\definetypeVIMfile [typeMATLAB] [syntax=matlab]


You can select the lines of the file to print, though there is no 
support for showing linenumbers yet.

The script is slooow, and the delay is noticable for anything close to 
1000 lines. But a few 100 lines should work just fine.

If you have vim and are interested in testing, you can be the first 
tester of the module :)


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