[NTG-context] shading with stitching functions

Peter Rolf indiego at gmx.net
Wed Dec 27 18:01:20 CET 2006

Mojca Miklavec wrote:
> On 12/27/06, Peter Rolf wrote:
>> Hi Mojca,
>> this is also on my wishlist (and christmas is over). Currently I use
>> several color gradients in a row, to simulate the same effect. But sadly
>> this way is too viewer dependent (rendering is a matter of luck with
>> every new version), not to mention the big size. So if there would be a
>> cleaner solution, I would be a happy man.
>> I'm willing to help, but I haven't looked into specials yet. Give me
>> some time for reading and some more time for understanding... ;)
> With Hans's hint I finally got some kind of result. However, the
> numbers in the stream seem to influence the colors, but not in the way
> I want them to. I have to do some further explorations. Does anyone
> know how to convert PS to PDF without compression?
I used


with your example code.

> Btw: TikZ supports such shadings, so if you don't necessary need a
> metapost graphic, you can take a look at it as well. Here's an example
>>from the manual:
I need them as mp graphic, but it shouldn't hurt to look into that.

> \usemodule[tikz]
> \starttext
> \pgfdeclarehorizontalshading{myshadingA}
> {1cm}{rgb(0cm)=(1,0,0); color(2cm)=(green); color(4cm)=(blue)}
> \pgfuseshading{myshadingA}
> \stoptext
> (I've just found out that it uses another aproach for "sampled
> functions", perhaps I'll have more chances to figure out how to
> implement it that way.)
> Mojca
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