[NTG-context] Installing Cyrillic font

Vyatcheslav Yatskovsky yatskovsky at gmail.com
Wed Dec 27 02:33:07 CET 2006

> I might have missed the point completely, but do you set the file
> encoding anywhere, such as \enableregime[cp1251] (= windows-1251)
> anywhere? I didn't try your examples, but unless you set this
> somewhere cyrilic glyphs unlikely to work properly.

Thank you, Mojca.

No, I didn't set the encoding and let me explain why. 

When I put \enableregime[cp1251] (I use that very encoding) at the top of my script, the output represents transliterated text (all Cyrillic glyphs are replaced with corresponding Latin letters). I didn't consider it strange until you pointed that to me. Here the .log file of the 'transliterated' document:

ConTeXt  ver: 2006.07.14 12:08  fmt: 2006.12.25  int: english  mes: english

language        : language en is active
<protectionstate 0>
system          : cont-new loaded
systems         : beware: some patches loaded from cont-new.tex
color           : palette rollover is available
system          : cont-old loaded
loading         : Context Old Macros
system          : cont-fil loaded
loading         : Context File Synonyms
system          : cont-sys.rme loaded
bodyfont        : 12pt rm is loaded
language        : patterns en->ec:ec->1->2:3 uk->ec:ec->2->2:3 de->texnansi:tex
nansi->3->2:3 de->ec:ec->4->2:3 fr->texnansi:texnansi->5->2:3 fr->ec:ec->6->2:3
 es->ec:ec->7->2:3 pt->texnansi:texnansi->8->2:3 pt->ec:ec->9->2:3 it->texnansi
:texnansi->10->2:3 it->ec:ec->11->2:3 nl->texnansi:texnansi->12->2:3 nl->ec:ec-
>13->2:3 cz->il2:il2->14->2:3 cz->ec:ec->15->2:3 sk->il2:il2->16->2:3 sk->ec:ec
->17->2:3 pl->pl0:pl0->18->2:3 pl->ec:ec->19->2:3 pl->qx:qx->20->2:3 loaded
specials        : tex,postscript,rokicki loaded
system          : test7timescyr.top loaded
specials        : loading definition file tpd
specials        : loading definition file fdf
specials        : fdf loaded
specials        : fdf,tpd loaded
systems         : system commands are disabled
encoding        : coding cp1251 is loaded
(E:\MiKTeX\tex\context\base\regi-cp1251.tex) (D:\~~\test7timescyr.tuo)
(D:\~~\test7timescyr.tuo) (D:\~~\test7timescyr.tuo) (D:\~~\test7timescyr.tuo)
(D:\~~\test7timescyr.tuo) (D:\~~\test7timescyr.tuo) (D:\~~\test7timescyr.tuo)
(D:\~~\test7timescyr.tuo) (D:\~~\test7timescyr.tuo) (D:\~~\test7timescyr.tuo)
(E:\MiKTeX\tex\context\base\sort-lan.tex) (D:\~~\test7timescyr.tuo)
systems         : begin file test7timescyr at line 14
fonts           : resetting map file list
fonts           : using map file: lm-texnansi
fonts           : using map file: original-base
fonts           : using map file: ec-public-lm
fonts           : using map file: ec-base
fonts           : using map file: 8r-base
fonts           : using map file: t5-base
fonts           : using map file: original-ams-base
fonts           : using map file: original-ams-euler
fonts           : using map file: original-public-lm
fonts           : using map file: t2a-urw-timescyr
(E:\MiKTeX\tex\context\base\pdfr-ec.tex) [1.1{original-empty.map}{lm-texnansi.m
systems         : end file test7timescyr at line 26
system          : cont-err loaded

> User file 'cont-sys.tex' not found, 'cont-sys.rme' has been used instead. <

) ) 
Here is how much of TeX's memory you used:
 1337 strings out of 57725
 21657 string characters out of 577460
 590834 words of memory out of 1079821
 40050 multiletter control sequences out of 60000
 76275 words of font info for 39 fonts, out of 1000000 for 2000
 192 hyphenation exceptions out of 8191
 51i,18n,51p,264b,540s stack positions out of 5000i,500n,10000p,200000b,32768s
PDF statistics:
 11 PDF objects out of 300000
 0 named destinations out of 300000
 5 words of extra memory for PDF output out of 10000
Output written on test7timescyr.pdf (1 page, 32893 bytes).

Best regards,

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