[NTG-context] Installing Cyrillic font

Vyatcheslav Yatskovsky yatskovsky at gmail.com
Tue Dec 26 23:56:46 CET 2006

> I am sorry to say that this really looks like the INF of the standard
> Times-Roman font that does not have cyrillic glyphs (and the same was
> true of your log file).

Yes, Taco, you are right. I was muddled by Extensis Suitcase which displayed Cyrillic text in a font preview mode (probably, substituted?). The font (tir_____.pfb) itself doesn't contain any Cyrillic glyphs, indeed. Thanks a lot for your point. 

I've abandon the Adobe font and installed Times-Roman from the  collection located at at http://freshmeat.net/projects/urw-fonts-cyrillic. Texfont has performed its job excellent and now I'm able to typeset Russian. (The filenames for Times-Roman are n021003l.afm, n021004l.afm, n021023l.afm and n021024l.afm)

However, now that Russian seems OK I have stuck with Ukrainian. Despite the fact that this font DOES contain all Ukrainian-specific glyphs (Ie, I, and Yi; if you never saw them then see http://www.alanwood.net/demos/wgl4.html), They cause errors and are replaced by wrong symbols in the output pdf file.

My test script is the following




 Hello world!

 Привет, мир!

 Добрий день, свiтове! 
 Ukrainian-specific letter are {ЄєIiЇї}

% \showcharacters


And the log file is
This is pdfeTeX, Version 3.141592-1.30.6-2.2 (MiKTeX 2.5) (preloaded format=cont-en 2006.12.25)  27 DEC 2006 00:50
entering extended mode
**test7timescyr.tex \emergencyend

ConTeXt  ver: 2006.07.14 12:08  fmt: 2006.12.25  int: english  mes: english

language        : language en is active
<protectionstate 0>
system          : cont-new loaded
systems         : beware: some patches loaded from cont-new.tex
color           : palette rollover is available
system          : cont-old loaded
loading         : Context Old Macros
system          : cont-fil loaded
loading         : Context File Synonyms
system          : cont-sys.rme loaded
bodyfont        : 12pt rm is loaded
language        : patterns en->ec:ec->1->2:3 uk->ec:ec->2->2:3 de->texnansi:tex
nansi->3->2:3 de->ec:ec->4->2:3 fr->texnansi:texnansi->5->2:3 fr->ec:ec->6->2:3
 es->ec:ec->7->2:3 pt->texnansi:texnansi->8->2:3 pt->ec:ec->9->2:3 it->texnansi
:texnansi->10->2:3 it->ec:ec->11->2:3 nl->texnansi:texnansi->12->2:3 nl->ec:ec-
>13->2:3 cz->il2:il2->14->2:3 cz->ec:ec->15->2:3 sk->il2:il2->16->2:3 sk->ec:ec
->17->2:3 pl->pl0:pl0->18->2:3 pl->ec:ec->19->2:3 pl->qx:qx->20->2:3 loaded
specials        : tex,postscript,rokicki loaded
system          : test7timescyr.top loaded
specials        : loading definition file tpd
specials        : loading definition file fdf
specials        : fdf loaded
specials        : fdf,tpd loaded
systems         : system commands are disabled
(D:\~~\test7timescyr.tuo) (D:\~~\test7timescyr.tuo) (D:\~~\test7timescyr.tuo)
(D:\~~\test7timescyr.tuo) (D:\~~\test7timescyr.tuo) (D:\~~\test7timescyr.tuo)
(D:\~~\test7timescyr.tuo) (D:\~~\test7timescyr.tuo) (D:\~~\test7timescyr.tuo)
(D:\~~\test7timescyr.tuo) (E:\MiKTeX\tex\context\base\sort-def.tex)
(E:\MiKTeX\tex\context\base\sort-lan.tex) (D:\~~\test7timescyr.tuo)
systems         : begin file test7timescyr at line 12
Missing character: There is no ? in font t2a-n021003l!
Missing character: There is no к in font t2a-n021003l!
Missing character: There is no ? in font t2a-n021003l!
fonts           : resetting map file list
fonts           : using map file: lm-texnansi
fonts           : using map file: original-base
fonts           : using map file: ec-public-lm
fonts           : using map file: ec-base
fonts           : using map file: 8r-base
fonts           : using map file: t5-base
fonts           : using map file: original-ams-base
fonts           : using map file: original-ams-euler
fonts           : using map file: original-public-lm
fonts           : using map file: t2a-urw-timescyr
(E:\MiKTeX\tex\context\base\pdfr-ec.tex) [1.1{original-empty.map}{lm-texnansi.m
systems         : end file test7timescyr at line 24
system          : cont-err loaded

> User file 'cont-sys.tex' not found, 'cont-sys.rme' has been used instead. <

Best regards, Vyatcheslav
(A happy user of MikTeX 2.5.)

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