[NTG-context] Installing Cyrillic font

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Mon Dec 25 12:12:34 CET 2006


Vyatcheslav Yatskovsky wrote:
> Hello
> I'm looking for help with installing the Adobe Times font with
> Cyrillic support.
> I have TIR_____.PFB and all other companion files. It surely contains
> Cyrillic glyphs because I can type Russian using a font viewer. I run
> the texfont utility as follows

> texfont  -fontroot=e:/texmf --sourcepath=. --vendor=adobe
> --encoding=t2a --collection=timescyr --makepath --install
> and it performs good. But created t2a-adobe-timescyr.pdf test file
> shows no Cyrillic glyphs (it seems like there are vacant empty spaces
> from 192 to 255). Also I cannot make use of Russian in my context
> scripts. (Latin goes well)

Assuming your copy of TIR_____.PFB really has cyrillic (I am a bit
   suspicious because mine doesn't, and Adobe's website says that the
   character set for "Times Std" is "Adobe Western 2", and that
   charset doesn't contain cyrillic at all.
   But I could be wrong and/or just confused by the file name):

The most likely problem is that you do not have a correct .enc file
(the log of the t2a-adobe-timescyr.tex pdftex run would definately

Best, Taco

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