[NTG-context] new debian context 2006.12.21-0.1

Sanjoy Mahajan sanjoy at mrao.cam.ac.uk
Fri Dec 22 20:19:07 CET 2006

> Latexstualists may disagree but I think the essence is that Context
> gives more control and makes it easier to create new layouts.

Also the ConTeXt parts are more integrated than the LaTeX packages are
-- think of the discussions/comments about what order LaTeX packages
must be loaded.  For example, the hyperref manual says to load it last
"to give it a fighting chance of not being over-written, since its job
is to redefine many LaTeX commands."

And ConText is also an example of the free-software philosophy of
"release often", sometimes twice a day!


`Never underestimate the evil of which men of power are capable.'
         --Bertrand Russell, _War Crimes in Vietnam_, chapter 1.

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