[NTG-context] Figure library -- figures not found but they are there

David Arnold David-Arnold at Redwoods.edu
Tue Dec 19 00:38:47 CET 2006

Hans et al,


figures $ texmfstart texexec --version
TeXExec | version 6.2.0 - 1997-2006 - PRAGMA ADE/POD

I have a figure library figlibLogic.xml, the first few lines of which  

<?xml version='1.0'?>

<?context-directive job module fig-make ?>
<?context-directive job mode letter ?>

<figurelibrary language="en">

<organization>College of the Redwoods Mathematics Department</ 
<project>Intermediate Algebra Text</project>
<comment>Figures for Logic Section</comment>

<copyright>College of the Redwoods Mathematics Department</copyright>

In attempting to compile this file with texmfstart texexec  
figlibLogic.xml, the log reports that it cannot find the figures. For  

figures         : figure LogicFigs-mpgraph.3 can not be found
figures         : figure LogicFigs-mpgraph.4 can not be found
figures         : figure LogicFigs-mpgraph.5 can not be found

However, they are there:

figures $ ls LogicFigs-mpgraph.*
LogicFigs-mpgraph.1             LogicFigs-mpgraph.26
LogicFigs-mpgraph.10            LogicFigs-mpgraph.27
LogicFigs-mpgraph.11            LogicFigs-mpgraph.28
LogicFigs-mpgraph.12            LogicFigs-mpgraph.29
LogicFigs-mpgraph.13            LogicFigs-mpgraph.3
LogicFigs-mpgraph.14            LogicFigs-mpgraph.30
LogicFigs-mpgraph.15            LogicFigs-mpgraph.4
LogicFigs-mpgraph.16            LogicFigs-mpgraph.5
LogicFigs-mpgraph.17            LogicFigs-mpgraph.6
LogicFigs-mpgraph.18            LogicFigs-mpgraph.7
LogicFigs-mpgraph.19            LogicFigs-mpgraph.8
LogicFigs-mpgraph.2             LogicFigs-mpgraph.9
LogicFigs-mpgraph.20            LogicFigs-mpgraph.log
LogicFigs-mpgraph.21            LogicFigs-mpgraph.mp
LogicFigs-mpgraph.22            LogicFigs-mpgraph.mp.keep
LogicFigs-mpgraph.23            LogicFigs-mpgraph.mpb
LogicFigs-mpgraph.24            LogicFigs-mpgraph.mpo
LogicFigs-mpgraph.25            LogicFigs-mpgraph.mpx

Any ideas?

David Arnold
College of the Redwoods
Mathematics Department
Eureka, CA 95501
(707) 476-4222

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