[NTG-context] uc-encoded fonts and accents

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Tue Dec 12 17:54:40 CET 2006


in enco-uc.tex there are some definitions which use "combining" accents:

\definecharacter textgrave        {\uchar3{0}}
\definecharacter textacute        {\uchar3{1}}
\definecharacter textcircumflex   {\uchar3{2}}
\definecharacter texttilde        {\uchar3{3}}
\definecharacter textmacron       {\uchar3{4}}
\definecharacter textbreve        {\uchar3{6}}
\definecharacter textdotaccent    {\uchar3{7}}
\definecharacter textdiaeresis    {\uchar3{8}}
\definecharacter textring         {\uchar3{10}}
\definecharacter texthungarumlaut {\uchar3{11}}
\definecharacter textcaron        {\uchar3{12}}
\definecharacter textogonek       {\uchar3{40}}

But this is almost useless, since those fonts that have things like
"ccaron" missing (which are exactly the ones for which such kind of
definitions might be useful) don't have any glyphs on those slots.
Appart from that \buildtextaccent is used for "combining", so there
should be no real need for using "combining accents" at that place.

Here's a copy of relevant lines from contextnames.txt (as a refence to
which values the values above should be changed if others agree):

005E;asciicircum;textasciicircum;CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT
0060;grave;textgrave;GRAVE ACCENT
00B4;acute;textacute;ACUTE ACCENT
02C6;circumflex;textcircumflex;MODIFIER LETTER CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT
02D9;dotaccent;textdotaccent;DOT ABOVE
02DA;ring;textring;RING ABOVE
02DC;tilde;texttilde;SMALL TILDE
02DD;hungarumlaut;texthungarumlaut;DOUBLE ACUTE ACCENT

Would it be possible to fix those lines in enco-uc.tex?

(Writing because I needed to use ccaron in one of the fonts which
doesn't have that. After redefining textcaron to a proper value it
worked OK for that specific font.)


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