[NTG-context] How to use text Calligraphic font using \definefont

Aditya Mahajan adityam at umich.edu
Tue Dec 5 23:27:22 CET 2006


  I have the following font definitions,


\definetypeface  [mainface] [rm] [serif]       [palatino]  [default]
\definetypeface  [mainface] [cg] [calligraphy] [chancery]  [default]
\definetypeface  [mainface] [ss] [sans]        [kurier]    [default]
\definetypeface  [mainface] [mm] [math]        [euler]     [euler]
\definetypeface  [mainface] [tt] [mono]        [modern]    [default]
\definetypeface  [boldface] [mm] [boldmath]    [euler]     [euler]


I want to use the Calligraphic font font for headers etc, so I tried

\definefont[BigText]  [Calligarphic sa 2]

\BigText test

which gives me the math calligraphic fonts. How do I get the text 
calligraphic fonts, using \definefont?

Another question which is slightly OT: Is there a free handwriting 
font that matches with palatino? I am making a presentation and would 
like to write somethings in a "informal" font. Any suggestions?


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