[NTG-context] prodint typescripts remove style

M.J. Kallen mj_kallen at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 4 10:13:11 CET 2006

Hi Hans or Taco, or anyone else,

the typescripts which you (recently) suggested for the prodint symbol work, but it turns out that any font styles (for example \bf, \it, etc.) do not. In the following example, the boldface text remains normal:

% test document:

\definefontsynonym [MathGamma]  [prodint]

\definefamilysynonym [default]  [xop]   [mc]

\startmathcollection [default]

\definemathsymbol [prodi]  [op]  [xop] [80]  %80 prodinttext
\definemathsymbol [Prodi]  [op]  [xop] [82]  %82 prodintdisplay
\definemathsymbol [PRODI]  [op]  [xop] [84]  %84 prodintbig



\starttypescript [math] [modern,computer-modern,latin-modern,ams] [size]
   \definebodyfont [17.3pt,14.4pt,12pt,11pt,10pt,9pt,8pt,7pt,6pt,5pt,4pt] [mm] [mc=prodint]

\definetypeface [modern] [mm] [math]  [modern]





This is {\bf boldface} text.


Do you have any suggestions to fix this?



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