[NTG-context] Why must I move frame to center it?

John R. Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Sat Nov 25 00:40:30 CET 2006

I am using some old code that Hans provided to create a pretty frame around 
some text, for purposes of a "Part"  header page. Here is my current test 
    StartPage ;
      path p ; p := Page enlarged  -10mm ;
      path q ; q := Page enlarged -15mm ;
      drawoptions(withcolor .85white) ;
      fill reverse topboundary    q -- topboundary    p -- cycle ;
      fill reverse bottomboundary q -- bottomboundary p -- cycle ;
      drawoptions(withcolor .65white) ;
      fill reverse leftboundary   q -- leftboundary   p -- cycle ;
      fill reverse rightboundary  q -- rightboundary  p -- cycle ;
    StopPage ;
\vglue -1.55in  %???
\hglue -.75in    %???     
\vglue -6.5in
\hglue .2in
\centerline{\bf Here is some text}

Now here is my question: why must I use the negative \vglue and \hglue lines 
(arrived at by experimentation) to place the frame properly on the page? Did 
I mess something up?
John Culleton
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