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Willi Egger w.egger at boede.nl
Fri Nov 24 15:06:19 CET 2006

Good afternoon,

Currently I use ConTeXt  ver: 2006.11.16 12:02 MK II  fmt: 2006.11.16  
int: english/english

While preparing a manual I run into the following problem:

The document has the following structure: part,chapter,section
The TOC is placed in a separate part.

Unfortunately the subpagenumbers won't show the required result i.e. the 
subpages of the first actual document are included in the first part, 
the TOC.
I can't figure out, why this happens.

Please try the included sample. Any hint is appreciated.


\setupheadertexts[Pagina: \hfill \subpagenumber~van \nofsubpages][]




Thus, I came to the conclusion that the designer of a new
system must not only be the implementer and first
large||scale user; the designer should also write the first
user manual.

The separation of any of these four components would have
hurt \TeX\ significantly. If I had not participated fully in
all these activities, literally hundreds of improvements
would never have been made, because I would never have
thought of them or perceived why they were important.

But a system cannot be successful if it is too strongly
influenced by a single person. Once the initial design is
complete and fairly robust, the real test begins as people
with many different viewpoints undertake their own

\chapter{General description}

    We thrive in information||thick worlds because of our
marvelous and everyday capacity to select, edit,
single out, structure, highlight, group, pair, merge,
harmonize, synthesize, focus, organize, condense,
reduce, boil down, choose, categorize, catalog, classify,
list, abstract, scan, look into, idealize, isolate,
discriminate, distinguish, screen, pigeonhole, pick over,
sort, integrate, blend, inspect, filter, lump, skip,
smooth, chunk, average, approximate, cluster, aggregate,
outline, summarize, itemize, review, dip into,
flip through, browse, glance into, leaf through, skim,
refine, enumerate, glean, synopsize, winnow the wheat
from the chaff and separate the sheep from the goats.}

    The Earth, as a habitat for animal life, is in old age and
has a fatal illness. Several, in fact. It would be happening
whether humans had ever evolved or not. But our presence is
like the effect of an old|-|age patient who smokes many packs
of cigarettes per day |.| and we humans are the cigarettes.}


    \section{Lorem ipsum}
    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Ut
venenatis, ipsum a ultricies molestie, arcu quam mollis arcu, id
facilisis dui justo nec purus. Vivamus vitae est a dolor consequat
pellentesque. Nam consequat ligula hendrerit turpis. Fusce
pharetra velit sed lacus. Pellentesque enim. Praesent vitae elit
et eros sagittis commodo. Duis convallis, diam quis lobortis
euismod, sapien arcu volutpat mi, facilisis vulputate odio urna
nec arcu. Proin felis. Etiam pretium volutpat leo. In pede.
Aliquam dolor lorem, faucibus sit amet, volutpat vitae, molestie
ac, urna. In tincidunt. Nam vehicula. Sed dui nibh, pulvinar sit
amet, pharetra non, rhoncus eget, nunc. Class aptent taciti
sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos
hymenaeos. Praesent risus. Curabitur facilisis, orci luctus
imperdiet egestas, nisl orci congue libero, ut tempus nisl est a
risus. Aliquam posuere scelerisque ipsum. Sed eget risus. Cras
blandit risus in lorem.}


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