[NTG-context] Parsing texexec output

Patrick Gundlach patrick at gundla.ch
Thu Nov 23 17:18:10 CET 2006


> Thanks a lot. I have seen in AUCTeX's mailing list and seems they need
> people that understands ConTeXt well to help out. It is a pity AUCTeX
> doesn't support ConTeXt as well as LaTeX.

Yes, please support AUCTeX/ConTeXt. I've switched to another text
editor (textmate on OS X - need to publish my bundle...) and I think
that Berend is busy or occupied or ...? So there is nobody that I know
of that is supporting the ConTeXt code. As far as I know the AUCTeX
maintainers are happy to get support. 

ConTeXt wiki and more: http://contextgarden.net

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