[NTG-context] the same old \column problem

Henning Hraban Ramm hraban at fiee.net
Wed Nov 22 22:48:09 CET 2006

Am 2006-11-15 um 22:36 schrieb Hans Hagen:
>> Without the \column, it works only for longer paragraphs,
>> but e.g. not with \startlines - I'm trying to typeset lyrics,
>> and the column *always* breaks within a verse instead of between,
>> even if all the verses have the same number of lines, so that
>> it would be easily possible to balance cleanly.
> this \column is kind of tricky; balancing works best when grid is  
> enabled; you can try to add \crlf's to influence column split a bit

Ok, but without \column, it should balance the columns if possible,  
My main problem at the moment (see above) are columns in "lines"  
mode, for lyrics.
It worked once, but it broke some betas (3 months?) before.

Luckily my songbook doesn't need to be complete until christmas (I  
planned so, but we don't get the reprint permissions in time).

I like to boast how great a tool TeX and especially ConTeXt are, but  
everytime I try to do some real work with it, I run into "unsolvable"  
problems (or unstable code) like this...

Greetlings from Lake Constance!
http://www.cacert.org (I'm an assurer)

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