[NTG-context] please add support for Korean language in unic-cjk.tex

Dohyun Kim nomosnomos at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 10:33:14 CET 2006


Recently I have tried to support typesetting UTF-8 Korean language
along with context-beta. I have uploaded related files
to a temporary server for your reference (3.5Mb):

But as the current unic-cjk.tex does not cover
Korean Hangul Syllables area and CJK Compatibility Ideographs area,
I have to edit that file every time I upgrade context.
It is so an annoying thing to do it every time
that I suggest adding those areas in unic-cjk.tex file,  like this:

%%% Hangul Syllables
{\recurselevel}} {\lookaheaduchar}}
%%% CJK Compatibility Ideographs
{\recurselevel}} {\lookaheaduchar}}

Additionally, I here report some possible bugs of context-beta
related to CJK (especially Korean language) support.

First, unintended space is inserted when I change font family.
This disappears if I add a comment sign in \enableunicodefont
command in font-uni.tex.

   \def\unicodescale             {\getvalue{\??uc#1\c!scale}}%
   \def\unicodeheight            {\getvalue{\??uc#1\c!height}}%
   \def\unicodedepth             {\getvalue{\??uc#1\c!depth}}%
   \def\unicodedigits            {\getvalue{\??uc#1\c!conversion}}%
   \def\handleunicodeglyph       {\getvalue{\??uc#1\c!command}}%
   % the following \relax's are realy needed
      {\setunicodestrut\unicodeheight\unicodedepth}% <- HERE

Secondly, to deal with special commands in pdf bookmarks,
"\simplifycommands" should be added to \sanitizePDFuniencoding
command in spec-tst.tex.

    \simplifycommands  % <- HERE
   \let\unicodechar\relax % prevent further expansion
   \retainlccodes\lccode32=255 % slooow
   \edef#2{\expandafter\doPDFuni#2\empty\empty}} % slooow

Thirdly, "\definefileinsertion{tpd}{mps}" in spec-dpx.tex
seems to be a typo. I think this should be corrected as follows:


In fact, as an unsubscribed user I have posted a similar message
to the context mailinglist a few weeks ago . But I did not obtain
any response then. Now being subscribed, I repost it.

Best Regards,
Dohyun Kim

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