[NTG-context] beta -> current

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Nov 16 12:30:46 CET 2006


We've gone current with the beta. Next week there will be release notes 
as well as the formal tex live/collection code freeze.

Apart from the usual bug fixes and extensions, the most noticeable 
change is that from now on there are also mkii files (and mkiv as well 
as lua files for those testing luatex). Next year, when the TeXGyre 
project has released all new base fonts, there will be a switch to using 
these fonts instead of the existing variants, for this release, one has 
to load type-gyr. There has been some organizational changes to the 
metapost inclusion (mptopdf uses supp-pdf, while context itself uses an 
[to be futher] optimized version as a prelude to mkiv conversion).

If you want to know to what extend luatex will influence context, keep 
an eye on the mk.pdf document (or read the coming Maps, TugBoat or other 
user group magazines) which (will) describe some experiments, history 
and usage.


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