[NTG-context] Header number separator

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Nov 14 17:57:22 CET 2006

Aditya Mahajan wrote:
> On Tue, 14 Nov 2006, Hans Hagen wrote:
>> Jeff Smith wrote:
>>> On 11/7/06, Aditya Mahajan <adityam at umich.edu> wrote:
>>>> I need this functionality for a project (IEEE conference style), so
>>>> here is hack to get the feature. The referencing also works.
>>>> Use with caution, can break existing macros.
>>> Wow, thanks a lot! This works as expected. In what situation can it
>>> break existing macros? I intend to use that extensively but in a
>>> fairly simple document (a thesis... yeah, another one in ConTeXt!). Is
>>> there anything I should _not_ do?
>> hm, can on esummarize what will break macros? (i was away for a week 
>> with time for email)
> A patch that I sent to Jeff. There is a problem with separators and 
> setuphead. I have summarized the problem and a possible patch in the 
> attached file. However, I do not know if it will break something in 
> multi-lingual documents (esp. Arabic), so I sent the patch with a 
> disclaimer.
hm, then let's not patch before tex live code freeze then; after all it 
would be bad to break anything arab related the first week after a tug 
conference with a focus on high quality arab (including arab math)



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