[NTG-context] unic-xxx.tex glyph lists: minor bugs, questions

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Nov 14 12:42:51 CET 2006

Mojca Miklavec wrote:
> On 11/5/06, Hans Hagen wrote:
>> Philipp Reichmuth wrote:
>>> I've been writing a script that sifts through the unic-xxx.tex files to
>>> get a readable mapping what Unicode characters are supported using
>>> \Amacron-style names.
>> mtxtools can create such lists using the unicode consotium glyph table,
>> mojca's mapping list and enco/regi files
>> we use mtxtools to create the tables needed for xetex (used for case
>> mapping) and luatex (more extensive manipulations)
> I have mtxtools.bat, but no mtxtools.rb here.
hm, will be in the mkiv zip soon (or maybe all mkiv code will be in the 
main zip; depends on how many context users want to experiment with the 
declared-stable parts of luatex)
>>> Are the
>>> unic-xxx files automatically generated or maintained by hand?
>> maintained by hand, again, just send me the fixed file, but we need to
>> make sure that the fix is ok (i.e. works as expected)
> Although there should be no reason for not generating them
> automatically. I did that for regime files (I only wrote a script,
> executed it and Hans included the files, so it's only semi-automatic;
> it would be polite from me if I managed to incorporate that into
> existing [whateverthename]tools.rb).
we should indeed discuss a was to keep these things up to date esp since 
in context mkiv we will use

    [0x00F4] = { unicodeslot=0x00F4, category='ll', 
adobename='ocircumflex', contextname='ocircumflex', description='LATIN 
SMALL LETTER O WITH CIRCUMFLEX', shcode=0x006F, uccode=0x00D4 },
    [0x00F5] = { unicodeslot=0x00F5, category='ll', adobename='otilde', 
contextname='otilde', description='LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH TILDE', 
shcode=0x006F, uccode=0x00D5 },

like table entries for manipulating encodings, fonts, and whatever

> But OpenType fonts also work on Linux & Windows.
sure, but one needs this fontconfig thing ; in my opinion xetex makes 
sense when it integrates automatically into the os-specific fotn stuff, 
since xetex has the 'use libraries when possible' approach; so, i'll 
happily wait till the announced integration is there

(i prefer to invest my time only once in this area: cook up a generic 
and flexible way for luatex and then derive xetex stuff from that)


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