[NTG-context] How to get a PhD with ConTeXt (+ hard work ;) )

Renaud AUBIN aubin at nibua-r.org
Mon Nov 13 19:24:35 CET 2006

Mojca Miklavec a écrit :

>Nice work! I can't read French, but the figures are very nice and
>content is probably interesting as well ;)

>I didn't know that people were indeed using the module already (I
>started using it more regularly only recently).
dunno (but hope so because of the result...)

>Now one question: how exactly did you create/include the plots? With
>"which version of the module"? I don't mind if some of my plots break
>if I slightly change the interface before officially releasing it, but
>I don't want other people to have problems with that.
You're right. I've used the latest darcs' release (up to the "points
added, some options, etc..." patch). For the inclusion, it's better to
have an example in mind:

%%%% file curves.gp
set terminal context input textext linewidth .3 size 1.2

set output "curves.tex"

set xlabel "$x$ (m)"
set ylabel "$z$ (m)"

set notitle
plot sin(x) with lines lw 2 notitle

set xlabel "$t$ (s)"
set ylabel "a label"

set notitle
plot cos(x)

%%%% file gpsample.tex:





The output is processed using:
gnuplot curves.gp
texexec gpsample

With this method, the gnuplot call delivers a curves.tex file one could
keep as long as the plot doesn't change... Can be usefull when you have
a big document! ;)

I'll write a paper entitled "How to get a PhD with... ConTeXt" asap (I
have the summary and the ideas but time is missing these days, as always
and, moreover because of my new job...). It'll mainly be a paper about
integration (m-bib, gnuplot, mp, etc...)

Best regards


PS: what will you do to manage your gnuplot module for ConTeXt ? Include
it into official gnuplot ? It's maybe the time to keep it "well
managed", with supelec foundry for example... What your opinion ?

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