[NTG-context] How to get a PhD with ConTeXt (+ hard work ;) )

Oliver Buerschaper oliver.buerschaper at mpq.mpg.de
Mon Nov 13 11:08:32 CET 2006

Thanks very much ... I tried it out and it worked. But I guess I'll  
have to spend some more time fiddling around with the options to make  
it look similar to what I'm used from the AMSLaTeX package.


>> May I ask a newbie question? How did you create the lemmas?
> Hello,
> today, lemmas can be based on description/enumeration mechanism (I  
> believe
> it's been in ConTeXt since circa January 2006).
> Descriptions now accept parameter title=yes. Using that, you can  
> provide a
> title to the description. Have a look into core-des.tex.
>> I found a mysterious "startlemma" in core-des.tex via the ConTeXt
>> garden source browser but
> Naturally, the example of lemma definition is commented out ;)
> Copy
> \defineenumeration[lemma][title=yes, titlestyle=\bs, list=lemma]
> into your document and try to use
> \startlemma{title of the lemma}
> blah blah
> \stoplemma
> Check parameters of descriptions in the manual, you can find some  
> options
> related to the title mechanism.
> Yours,
> D.A.
> P.S.: I've achieved the same functionality by means of ugly hacks that
> depend on ConTeXt version strongly.  That's why I don't send you my
> configuration.

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