[NTG-context] French spacing with pdfTeX-1.40 and ConTeXt-beta

Peter Münster pmlists at free.fr
Tue Nov 7 21:58:42 CET 2006


my attempt to get correct French spacing before punctuation does no more
work with the latest ConTeXt-beta.
Is there now a new method with pdfTeX-1.40 to get automatically the good

Today I try it like this (without success):

%%% module t-french.tex %%%

  \defineactivecharacter « {\leftguillemot\,}%  does not work
  \defineactivecharacter » {\,\rightguillemot}% with utf-encoding
%  \defineactivecharacter ; {\,\lettersemicolon}%   does not work
  \defineactivecharacter ? {\,\letterquestionmark}%    does not work with
  \defineactivecharacter : {\,\lettercolon}%             project/product
  \defineactivecharacter ! {\,\letterexclamationmark}}%    structure




Greetings, Peter


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