[NTG-context] new to ConTeXt

Pablo Rodríguez oinos at web.de
Tue Nov 7 21:20:51 CET 2006

Hans Hagen wrote:
>> should be something similar DocbookInConTeXt, but I don't know whether
>> it uses the eXaMplE framework (I don't even know whether .
> the example framework is some ongoing experiment with web related 
> tex/xml things; you don't need that, just stick to the built in xml 
> handler (as described in example.pdf, but more extensive examples can be 
> found in the x-*.tex files in the distribution
>> Could anyone comment on this topic? I mean, whether the described task
>> could be achieved with ConTeXt, which issues may arise, whether this is
>> the best approach to the issue, whether I miss something, and so on.
> most of the projects we run at pragma involve xml -> pdf processing; 
> using a dedicated dtd works most convenient
> using tei is ok, as long as you stick to structural elements and keep 
> away from layour-related coding

Thanks for your answer, Hans. Sorry for not answering before (these days
I find myself installing a new computer and moving data into it).

It seems that the task is more difficult than I thought (although
x-contm.tex seems a very interesting example to begin with).

But my problem right now is ConTeXt itself. My PhD thesis (that was
typeset with LaTeX [for the examination board], Lambda [for the
electronic publication] and XeLaTeX [just for fun ;-)]) contains quotes
and some fragments in ancient Greek. And I would like to be able to do
similar things (in a fancier way, of course ;-)) with ConTeXt.

For those ones who were newbies not so long ago or that come from a
humanities background, which are the best documents to start learning

Thanks for your help,


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