[NTG-context] Parsing texexec output

Philipp Reichmuth reichmuth at web.de
Tue Nov 7 00:23:39 CET 2006

Aditya Mahajan schrieb:
>> In order to get similar features with ConTeXt, it would be nice if
>> texexec could be made to be a little bit more verbose in its --batchmode
>> output.  Is there a way to do this currently?
>   texexec --nonstopmode

Does the job, thanks.  AucTeX assumes 
--passon="-interaction=nonstopmode", which doesn't work.

> Another option, sometimes used by vim-latex suite is to add 'type 
> filename.log' or 'cat filename.log' at the end the command. The parser 
> will not know the difference.

I had thought of that, but it spoils the return code, at least here on 


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