[NTG-context] unic-xxx.tex glyph lists: minor bugs, questions

Philipp Reichmuth reichmuth at web.de
Mon Nov 6 23:56:28 CET 2006

Hans Hagen schrieb:
> mtxtools can create such lists using the unicode consotium glyph table, 
> mojca's mapping list and enco/regi files
> we use mtxtools to create the tables needed for xetex (used for case 
> mapping) and luatex (more extensive manipulations)

Sounds interesting.  Where do I get that?  It's not in the distribution.

> maintained by hand, again, just send me the fixed file, but we need to 
> make sure that the fix is ok (i.e. works as expected)

OK, I just sent you the files.  Can anyone test this who can read Hebrew?

> best take a look at mtxtools; if needed we can generate the definitions 
> ; concerning speed, it will not be that slow, because tex is quite fast 
> on such tests (unless XeTeXcharglyph is slow due to lib access); the 
> biggest thing is to make sure that things don't expand in unwanted ways.

OK, I'll experiment a little bit and if anything comes of it I'll post 


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